Supplier Benefits

Trading benefits

  • eliminate manual & administrative tasks
  • remove payment issues
  • lower the cost of doing business
  • easy online product set up & management
  • curate offers to drive revenue
  • broaden range distribution to a new audience
  • simplify trading by being in control
  • unlock opportunities to grow revenue

Manage your range online

  • easy to use online platform
  • range full catalogue with endless aisle
  • bulk upload option to save time
  • manage LIVE product data online at any time
  • price book download
  • trading rules with Min. Order & Free Freight
  • supplier subscriptions with 2 tiers to choose from
  • stock availability management

Manage your orders

  • purchase orders sent directly to your portal
  • order ETA, tracking & final delivery
  • retailer order queries managed online

Promote your brands & business

  • promote your brands
    • specials
    • volume buys – by item or product group
    • coupons – grow your basket size
  • promote your business
    • banner ads
    • supplier logos
    • brand logos

Simplified trading – set up and trade

Supplier Portal

Simple B2B platform built for suppliers

1. Account setup

Covers how you want to trade & key information

2. Subscriptions

Options on how you want to be featured

3. Account settlement

Provide your bank details to settle your account

4. Range set up

Product data, images, pricing options

5. Offer set up

Promotions, volume buys & coupons

6. Draft purchase order

Availability checks online update via our portal

7. Final purchase order

Sent directly post confirming availability via our portal

8. Dispatch order

Straight to the retailer

9. Delivery tracking

Updates via portal removing retailer queries

10. E-statement

Prompt payment within 5 days with no risk

11. Data management

Update your data any time online putting you in control